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آگرین پلیمر | AgrinPolymer
آگرین پلیمر | AgrinPolymer

Agrin Polymer

About Us

About Agrin Polymer

?who are we

Agrin Polymer is a direct importer of additives for the PVC industry and was established with the aim of supplying polymer raw materials needed by the plastic industry, including paint and resin, glue, doors and windows, pipes, etc. In addition to providing detailed technical information, we will help you make the best choice. The direct supply of PVC additives and trying to deliver the goods to the final consumer has always been the main goal of Agrin Polymer, because shortening the access path of producers to these materials is a great help to the growth and development of production in our country. Focus on creating experiences

Valuable for the customer is our mission and differentiation

?How can we help you


Helping you choose the optimal product

Providing the lowest possible price

Proforma sales

Fast delivery to all parts of Iran

Guarantee of product authenticity

List of Agrin Polymer products

Types of titans


Optical brightener

Stearic acid 

Azure 463

Engineering polymers

  • Professional team
  • Smart decisions
  • on phone consultancy